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Amelia began her journey into art inspired by a fellow artist and good friend, Carolyn Jeskey . This had such a profound impact on her that she began to ponder the "value" of art. In 1995, with a desire to acquire a better understanding of art, she enrolled as an Art History Major at Trinity College in Washington, D.C. It was during this period of study that Amelia obtained, sharpened, and demonstrated her new-found skills in fine art. During her studies she also worked with internationally renowned sculptor, Jim Sanborn. Sanborn had a tremendous influence and planted the "think bigger" seed into all aspects of her life.

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During her time in the DC, Maryland area, she became an active member of the local art community through DC-ART BEAT. The "BEAT" is produced by TheySpeak Productions, a group of artists and musicians based in DC that organizes experimental multimedia events.

In 2000, Amelia moved to Austin and has been working in sculpture, painting and music.

Amelia performing at a DC-ART BEAT event.

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